About Us

Jordan & White traces its lineage back to 1938, when Sumner Raymond opened the law practice in Salem, Massachusetts. A direct descendant of John Proctor, who was hanged as a witch, and the Reverend John Wise, another prominent figure in the Salem witch trials, Sumner had strong ties to the community and a deep and personal understanding of the role the law plays in our lives. 

After graduating from Bates College, Sumner attended Harvard University Law School. He earned his degree in 1937 and returned to Salem to practice law. Sumner was known for his trusts and estates work and his extensive community service. He served as the firm’s managing partner for 57 years before retiring in 1995 and passing the firm along to Dana Jordan, a partner who had joined the firm in 1987. 

Like Sumner, Dana was committed to serving the community both through the practice of law and his volunteer work with the Pingree School. A real estate and probate attorney, he partnered with Jonathan White in 2011 to create Jordan & White, LLC, which now has offices in both Salem and Medford.

Dana retired from the practice of law in 2014, leaving the firm in the hands of Jonathan White, a lifelong resident of Medford and active participant in Medford’s Kiwanis organization, Chamber of Commerce and Community Development Board. 

Today, the firm represents clients throughout Middlesex, Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk counties. While we still practice probate and real estate law, we also have expertise in business law and civil litigation.

From the time Sumner Raymond first hung out a shingle, we have been committed to the principles of service, integrity and community. We pride ourselves on making a real difference—in both our personal and professional lives. We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to deal with legal matters, so we make the process as easy as possible. At Jordan & White, you get our personal attention and are never left wondering where things stand with regard to any legal matter or inquiry.

We look forward to being of service!


serv·ice (n)
the action of helping or doing work for another.


in·teg·ri·ty (n)
adherence to ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


com·mu·ni·ty (n)
a feeling of fellowship with others in a particular region, especially in the context of shared social values, culture and responsibilities.